Sindbad The Sailor – İngilizce

“What a lot of dangerous adventures! I’m surprised Sindbad got home safely every time.” Alice, 11
A great roaring came from the mouth of the cave and to our horror we saw an enormous giant striding towards us. His skin was a sickly green, and his eyes burned red like fiery coals.
Sindbad makes an enormous fortune from his voyages, but he cannot resist joining further dangerous expeditions to far off lands. Will anything persuade him to remain at home in Baghdad?
When Sindbad finds himself in the valley of huge serpents, there seems no way out. What clever plan does he use to escape?
How can Sindbad and his friends possibly survive when they are trapped by a gigantic monster who seems determined to cook and eat each of them in turn?
The Old Man of the Sea is weak and feeble, and asks for Sindbad’s help. But can he be trusted?
After Sindbad marries for the first time, tragedy strikes when his wife falls sick and dies. When he finds a second bride, will they ever find happiness together?

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ISBN: 978-975-256-594-4
Eserin Adı: Sindbad The Sailor
Resimleyen: Sura Ghazwan
Eserin Türü: Dünya Klasikleri
Dil: İngilizce
Yayın Yönetmeni: Muhammet Çiftçi
Teknik Hazırlık: Ahmet Bilal Türk
Sayfa Sayısı: 64
Ebat: 13x 19,5cm
Basım Tarihi: 1. Basım, 2017

“Sindbad The Sailor – İngilizce”

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